Background Check Services for the Healthcare Industry

Background Check Services for Quality Healthcare Workforces

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Background checks for healthcare workers play an important role. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and long-term care homes remain in a constant state of hiring, with a need for new human resources that can address ongoing demands faced in this industry. Screening healthcare workers requires both exceptionally fast turnaround times and accurate information supplied by a background check company such as ISB Global Services. 

One wrong hire can compromise the quality of care your healthcare facility can provide or create a complex liability issue that can harm your reputation. Hire nurses, doctors, aids, and support staff of the highest quality with a number of screening services tailored to the healthcare industry.

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Background Check Services for Healthcare

ISB Global Services offers extensive screening for healthcare industries across North America. Ensure that every hire you make is the perfect fit for the job. Explore our full menu of background check offerings below:

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Professional License Verification

Verify professional credentials and licenses during the pre-employment hiring phase.
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Alcohol and Drug Screening

Perform pre-employment or random drug testing of applicants and your staff.
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Vaccination Verification

Verify that your staff has satisfied all vaccination requirements for working in the healthcare sector.
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Employment History Verification

Spot dishonest applicants throughout the hiring process and ensure claims regarding past employment are truthful.
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Education Verification

Verify the education of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals in your institution.
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Identity Verification

Leverage facial recognition technology to ensure candidates are whom they say they are.
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Criminal Background Checks

Uncover criminal histories with Federal, State, and County records, and our nationwide criminal database searches that are far-reaching and comprehensive.
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OIG Monitoring and Exclusion Checks

Maintain the integrity of your institution by ensuring your staff is not on the OIG’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities.
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Healthcare Sanctions and Exclusions

Compliance checks can spot candidates on exclusions lists and prevent them from working for state or federally-funded healthcare facilities.
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Abuse Registry Searches

Uncover a candidate’s personal and professional history regarding child or elder abuse.
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National Practitioner Data Bank Searches

Discover if a prospective healthcare professional has a history of malpractice or has had any of their professional licenses revoked.
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Social Media Search

Deep social media searches can reveal controversial opinions, problematic behavior, and other issues that can affect the institution’s safety and reputation. 
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Domestic Terrorism Watchlist Searches

Uncover candidates that have been flagged or suspected of being part of a terrorist organization.
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Social Security Number Tracing

Ensure candidates have been truthful throughout the hiring process with SSN tracing; verify given names, date of birth, and past residences.
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Sex Offender Registry Search

Avoid candidates with histories of sexual misconduct.
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Motor Vehicle Records Search

Uncover driving records and infractions of those required to operate a vehicle.
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I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

Complete your due diligence with compliant submissions of necessary I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification forms.
ISB Background Checks for Healthcare

Take the next step and ensure your workforce is rooted in honesty and integrity with background check services for healthcare industries. Contact us today.

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