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ISB Global Services (ISB) is the leading employment background check company offering innovative, accurate and timely background screening services to manage your company’s most important assets - your employees, subcontractors, and vendors. We provide pre-employment background check services such as criminal background checks, for customers of all sizes and from virtually every type of industry.

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5 Reasons Why Our Background Check For Employment Services are Second to None:
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  1. Most Accurate Criminal Background Check: Pre-Employment Background Screening You Can Rely On

Canada: ISB offers clients our Premium National Criminal Record Check product, the most comprehensive criminal background check available in Canada. Many don’t know that the National Repository of Criminal Records (CPIC) is not kept in ‘real time’ and offence inclusion can be significantly delayed. ISB’s Criminal Background Check includes a search of both CPIC and every local police station to ensure that an offense does not go unnoticed. Our Premium Criminal Record Check helps to bridge this gap and produces an additional hit 5% to 7% of the time.

U.S.: In the United States, ISB offers accurate and complete background checks at county, state, and federal levels along with one of the most robust multi-jurisdictional database searches in the industry. Our scope of research is customizable to fit our clients’ specific needs for criminal records, verifications, drug testing, and more.

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  1. Fast Turnaround Times: Criminal Background Checks

Always accurate, ISB delivers reports with the speed that is critical to our clients by leveraging our innovative technology and depth of data sources.

Canada: ISB can guarantee the turnaround times your business requires, with criminal background checks done in as little as 10 minutes, and through our API connections, we have instant access to dozens of products including Provincial Driver Abstracts, Credit Checks and more.

US: In addition to our multi-jurisdictional database, ISB offers some of the fastest turn-around times on criminal research, MVRs, and verifications in the industry. On average, our records are complete at least 25% faster than the industry standard.

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  1. Highest Level of Privacy And IT Security: Background Check Technology That Reduces Organizational Risk

ISB takes privacy seriously. As a registered Consumer Reporting Agency, ISB is compliant with all applicable privacy legislation for North America and around the world. To assist our pre-employment background check clientele, our two privacy officers keep our customers current and compliant as the privacy landscape continually evolves.

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  1. High Volume and Latest Technology: Automation That Saves You Money

ISB, on average, saves new customers 25% - 40%! Our automated environment includes the revolutionary ISB app that utilizes facial recognition and OCR to streamline the application and consent process. Combined with our integrated technology platform, we have removed the manual methods from the pre-employment background check process. Additionally, our high volume means better leverage with vendors. All combined, ISB can guarantee we will save you money.

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  1. 24/7/365 Global Operation: Professional Customer Service Teams Dedicated to Enhancing the Client Experience

Customer satisfaction is a key priority! ISB uses the NPS methodology to measure our customer satisfaction. We are proud of our world-class NPS scores and of our ISB information specialists who care for our customers each day. ISB is now open 24/7/365 to service your background check for employment needs year-round.

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