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For Additional Information and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About ISB Uber Background Check Applications.

ISB Global Services background checks for Uber candidates include two steps. The turnaround times only apply if all IDs and signatures have been provided properly.
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ISB Uber Criminal Record Check

ISB Uber criminal record check results are provided the same day when ordered between Monday and Friday. Criminal record checks ordered on a Saturday or Sunday will be delivered the following Monday by the end of the day.
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ISB Uber Driver Abstract Check (Must have at least 1 year of driving experience)

In Canada, turnaround times for ISB Uber Driver Abstract Checks will vary by province. The time frame for each is as follows:

Quebec: 48-72 hours
Ontario and Saskatchewan: 24-48 hours
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick: 36-48 hours
Manitoba: 96-120 hours
Newfoundland and PEI: 48-72 hours
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What happens after you complete your criminal record check/driver abstract check?

ISB forwards all completed results to Uber daily. If you have not yet heard from Uber after the specified turnaround time, please contact them directly via the Uber mobile app, available for download on iOS and Android smartphone devices.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who will send me the link?
Only Uber can provide a link to Uber candidates. Links are typically sent between 5-7 business days.

Whom should I contact if I have not yet received a link?
You will need to contact Uber directly via the Uber mobile app.

I received a link, but it is expired; what happens now?
Uber is notified of expired links weekly and will send you a new one automatically.

Having issues completing your link?
At the top and the bottom of the page is “Having issues? Click here” This will move you directly to the Selfie process.
I am experiencing issues connecting to my camera; what should I do?
You may have to change your device settings to allow the browser to access your camera.

What does it mean if I get a ‘Signature Too Simple Error’?
Signatures must contain more than your initials, Xs, or slashes. Ensure both boxes under the signature field are checked.

What happens to my application if I do not provide a signature in the proper format?
Providing an incorrect or improper signature will result in failure of the process, and a delay in your results
What is required to complete the Selfie process?
You will need to upload pictures of 2 government-issued IDs (QC must be 2 photo ID) and take a selfie of yourself holding your photo ID.

I have received an email after I completed process asking to upload ID.
This will happen if the ID originally provided or the signature originally provided has not been accepted. Please upload clear pictures of valid (expired ID not accepted) government ID. If in QC you must provide 2 valid photo ID.

Email containing ID will not be accepted unless requested by ISB for cases where normal process can not be followed.
How do I get a copy of my results?
Request a copy from ISB Global Services Uber support at uber@isbglobalservices.com.

How do I dispute my results?
Contact Uber via the Uber mobile app.
All provincial and federal public holidays are observed and will delay your process.

Quebec shuts down for 2 weeks starting on Christmas Eve and going into the New Year. Specific dates change per year.
3 Tips to Consider When Completing Your Uber ISB Background Check

1) Use a Smartphone or Tablet
2) Utilize a browser such as Chrome or Explorer
3) Clear your cache and browser history
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How to Contact ISB Uber Support
The ISB Uber Support team is available for assistance at uber@isbglobalservices.com. Please ensure you include the following details: Your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, DATE OF BIRTH
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