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I am not Distractible…Squirrel!

  Michael Thompson

Last week, ISB hosted our latest MEE Biz and Breakfast seminar that was widely attended by many of today’s commercial transportation leaders from the trucking, insurance, and educational industries. At the event, we released some leading edge research into the correlation between your natural personality and the likelihood of you having an incident on the road. It was fascinating stuff!

Everyone knows that we have an IQ (intelligence quotient) and most people know we also have an EQ (emotional quotient), but what most people do not know is that we all have a natural intelligence surrounding risk or a risk quotient. Our risk profile consists of our natural tendencies, urges, and impulses around key traits like resistance, irritability, and distractibility.

Our study, measuring both regular and commercial drivers, had each driver complete a driver safety quotient (DSQ) personality assessment available in our Making Eligibility Easy screening platform. For the study, we took each person’s DSQ risk score and correlated it to their driving record. The results were interesting, to say the least; here are a few of the findings…

  • Drivers with high resistant scores had 130% higher at fault accident rates and 362% higher average number of traffic tickets!
  • Drivers with high Irritability scores had 158% higher at fault accident rates and 38% higher near miss rates!
  • Commercial drivers with high aggressiveness scores had 40% higher at fault accident rates!

For an industry that weighs risk and insurance premiums on your past driving history, the use of predictive analytics is a clear opportunity for how we can better manage risk in the future. For all of you with company drivers, we would be happy to share our research findings and offer you a free driver safety quotient assessment to test for yourself!

Until next time, stay safe on our roads and ignore the squirrels.

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