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Top 3 Products Required for a Complete Driver History

  Maeve Davis

Driver Abstract

From a driver’s licence number, this report can provide the current driver’s licence status and restrictions. It lists infractions by type and date from the last 2-5 years (varies by product). This report is available across Canada (except Alberta) and the US.

Driver Insurance History

From a driver’s licence number, this search can deliver a complete history of a driver’s insurance providers, vehicles, operations and reported claim history. The US search requires only a plate number or VIN (depending on the state) and provides a history of insurance coverage on the vehicle and information on registration, the registered owner, and title. This report is available across Canada (except Manitoba) and the US.

Social Media Investigations

The quality of this search depends entirely on the information provided on the intake form. The form allows for approximately 15 different searchable keywords. The information is entered into a global automated system that combs through 10 global social media databases to electronically match the keywords. The report provides critical current and historical data relating to the desired individual. Results are available within 24 hours.

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