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FSCO issues liability insurance scam warning


The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has issued an advisory warning consumers that an individual called Mark Li Mosse is not licensed to do insurance business in the province.

“FSCO has been informed that Mr. Li Mosse sold a false liability slip to a consumer,” the regulator said Tuesday. “The slip appeared to be provided by Unifund Assurance Company. Following a traffic stop, Unifund confirmed that the slip was false and the insurance policy listed was not valid.”

FSCO said it has also confirmed that Li Mosse is not licensed with either FSCO or the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).

FSCO has issued several fraud warnings this spring and summer, including at least two related to auto insurance. The commission has been making efforts to increase awareness around auto insurance fraud in particular, and has set up a hotline encouraging consumers to report fraudulent activity.


Article from Canadian Underwriter

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