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Coalition Website Now Enabled for Mobile Access


Today more executives than ever before are using smartphones and other mobile devices to access information vital to both their professional and personal success. In fact, some experts project that mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014.

Also rising is the prevalence of insurance fraud. This means those directly involved in the fight against the fraudsters must be able to rapidly access information while on the go—in the airport, between offsite meetings, or even on the subway.

With these crucial needs in mind, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has newly launched its website to equip industry professionals with the latest anti-fraud developments, all of which can now be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Speed, Mobility and Flexibility

“The Coalition’s website creates an anywhere, anytime gateway to online fraud information for visitors using any device,” says Dennis Jay, executive director at the Coalition. “This user-welcoming experience is becoming a basic criteria for meeting people’s elastic online needs.”

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The Coalition also notes the website is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for consumers and laypeople in addition to fraud fighters (including law enforcement, SIU and claims investigators) and attorneys. Aside from posting daily breaking news, the organization will continue to distribute its Fraud News Weekly enewsletter while providing online leadership with its quarterly Journal of Insurance Fraud in America.

Among the website’s noteworthy features and educational content are:

  • A database of more than 15,000 articles and research reports (including comprehensive legislation and regulation databases).
  • Background information on and a library of consumer alerts for emerging schemes, including staged crashes, fake health coverage, and airbag fraud.
  • The organization’s popular Hall of Shame and Fraud of the Month articles.
  • Fraud statistics and a continually updated list of arrests and convictions (updated daily) and corresponding mugshot gallery.


December 5, 2012 • Reprints

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