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Busted by a Dash Cam

  Brad McNeill

I read an article the other day on dash cameras and it got me thinking about the crazy videos on YouTube that show mind blowing vehicle accidents in the UK. There is everything from people jumping out at moving vehicles to get insurance money, to vehicles crashing into…well everything! If you haven’t seen them, you should check it out. These videos were all caught on cameras mounted on someone’s windshield or dash, just like a GPS.

The amount of insurance fraud in the UK is insane. But it’s no joke in North America either, fraud cost the insurance industry an estimated $1.3 to $2.6 billion annually. That is 10 to 15% of claims paid. And for those of you that don’t understand why your premiums are so high…you can blame fraud (unless you have a bunch of tickets and/or accidents).

Dash cams can help speed up your claim process when something does happen, and can even help catch fraud. Working at ISB Canada, we hear about so many fraud claims from insurers and how difficult it is to catch them, but these cameras are making it feasible. It’s a lot easier when you have hard proof from a video then it is to catch them in the act and to try and prove it. So, if dash cams can make a difference in your insurance premiums and how quickly your claim is handled, how likely are you to put one in your car?

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