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Should Hiring Managers in Healthcare Overlook White Lies on Resumes?

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Medical staffing background checks often reveal interesting details about prospective candidates when conducted with the right background check company. When cross-referenced with candidate-provided information, background checks for healthcare may expose white lies that could impact hiring decisions. Some of these details revealed in a healthcare background check might be irrelevant, while others may show that the candidate has been dishonest during the application process. Background check services for hiring managers in healthcare may reveal details that can create complex hiring challenges for an industry that is already short-staffed.

Ultimately, a proper background check for employment in a healthcare setting can set the tone for workplace culture. ISB Global Services helps hiring managers to make informed HR decisions, allowing them to identify whether an applicant is lying about small details of their past or committing more complex fraud.

Medical Staffing Background Checks: Spotting White Lies on Resumes

Background check services by ISB Global Services go far beyond traditional criminal record checks and include important details that can help you build quality workforces. The healthcare industry relies on skilled workers for critical work, and proper hiring practices call for professional and education verification checks that can spot dishonest candidates and avoid those who outright lie on their resumes.

Such background check services often reveal that a candidate has “inflated” their resume, stretched the time periods of where they have worked in the past, or added additional job responsibilities. The most common white lies on resumes are previous job titles and false claims about contributing to different teams or projects. In addition, an applicant may state to have made a specific salary or hourly rate in an effort to negotiate a higher offering.

While stretching details and adding white lies on a resume may not be considered fraud in a traditional sense, they can ultimately complicate your hiring practices. It should be addressed directly with the candidate, even if the healthcare industry is desperate for new talent.

Bad Resume Medical Staffing Background Checks: Identifying Applicant Fraud

In other cases, education verification and professional license certification checks conducted on behalf of ISB can reveal much more serious instances of applicant fraud. Should a nurse, doctor, or personal support worker outright lie about their education or professional history, hiring such a candidate can result in workplace negligence that the employer will ultimately be held responsible for. Despite ongoing labor shortages in the healthcare sector, both private and public healthcare employers are ultimately responsible for the staff they hire and how they behave in the workplace.

Applicant fraud has become increasingly common among healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. Background check services can validate degrees, professional histories and identify prior instances of workplace negligence. They should be held to the highest standards as they are often in positions of trust among the patients they serve. Hiring candidates who have appeared on previous exclusionary risks is a recipe for disaster, harming both patients and the reputation of your healthcare facility.

Medical Staffing Background Checks: Building Quality Workforces in Healthcare

As healthcare facilities remain under pressure to complete hires quickly, the onus is on HR professionals to conduct proper hiring due diligence. During these challenging times, a white lie may be overlooked in the healthcare sector for a quality candidate. However, repeatedly hiring candidates with stretched details and job titles could result in a workforce that is accustomed to dishonesty. HR professionals faced with labor shortages are expected to make tough decisions like these in 2023. The HR policies for hiring “white lie” candidates should clearly outline the process for addressing these issues, with the goal of creating consistent hiring practices and procedures that can navigate these challenges.

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ISB Global Services remains committed to serving the healthcare industry across North America with background check solutions tailored specifically to the needs of these kinds of employers. Many of our background check services take much of the complexities of verifying claims and professional histories of healthcare professionals out of the hands of HR professionals, helping save precious time that could be spent elsewhere.

Expedite your hiring practices and tap into ISB’s incredible reach that can help you build high-quality workforces that are dedicated and focused on honesty. Contact us today to learn more about how our suite of background checks can be integrated directly into your hiring practices to ensure you employ only the best candidates.
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