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Remote Workers Printing Sensitive Documents - A Potential HR Disaster

Work From Home office with printer How Can Print and Digital Documents Exist Together?

The pandemic has brought about the rise of remote work. Many Fortune 500 companies across all sectors have adapted to a remote working environment or some sort of hybrid-mix. The pandemic has proven that many workforces can remain productive during long bouts of working from home, staying connected with meeting apps and messenger services.

Implement and Revise Remote Printing Policies

The truth is that many companies still work with paper, as there will always be a need for hard documents in HR and accounting departments. Sensitive documents, including employment contracts, pay stubs, and more, could be at risk if workforces are printing them at home. Should these paper documents somehow get intercepted, lost, or stolen, the results could be catastrophic for the business owner.

Consider drafting privacy policies for your remote workforce, clearly outlining the dos and don’ts of remote printing and the proper usage of corporate-owned devices, including laptops, tablets, and printers. HR should be educating their new workforces about printing in a home office environment at the point of hiring.

Large workforces are challenged with remote devices that aren’t directly integrated into existing IT infrastructure. Should a remote worker or HR rep need to print an employment contract at home, the printer itself might be vulnerable to interception from third parties. Public Wi-Fi or unsecured home networks could pose significant issues for both HR and IT departments. HR policies should clearly indicate restrictions on employees “bringing their own devices,” including what constitutes proper usage in regard to printing sensitive documents.

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There are privacy concerns with the storing of hardcopy-sensitive data as well. Some remote companies might want to consider rethinking their entire approach to paper, adopting a digital-first strategy focused on innovation. It is, however, easier said than done, as the nature of some industries might require the use of paper.

Many third parties have emerged, offering to centralize a workforce’s printing while carefully documenting and storing sensitive print documents at one location. Print management solutions can help human resource managers address potential security issues before they arise. The costs of using these services could potentially outweigh the risks of not using them and leaving your business vulnerable.

people discussing paperwork Print Document Verifications with ISB Global Services (ISB)

On the recruiting side, many HR managers will still need to verify the authenticity of certain print documents when hiring. Education credentials, references, financial statements, government-issued IDs aren’t always available in a digital format, and screening potential candidates could become complicated in a digital world. ISB is experienced in addressing the many needs of HR professionals, including document verification and facial recognition for a large array of industries.

ISB can help any company, regardless of its size, navigate the challenges of screening and validating a candidate’s experience, including print document verification. Our solutions for HR managers include validating a candidate’s identity, performing a full background screening, criminal record check, financial record check, and document verification.

ISB can screen large amounts of candidates to ensure the quality of your workforce. Contact us directly to learn more about our suite of HR-related solutions and help your business take the next step into remote recruiting.
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