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Pandemic Access Control
March 23rd, 2020

The Challenge
Essential services (trucking, food services, grocery delivery, medical care, supply chain) continue to be in high demand during this pandemic crisis. As essential service providers, how do we keep our facilities and supply chain virus free while continuing to maintain operations?

The key to success is the ability to control access and screen individuals who are visiting your physical sites and/or driving for your fleet. During the current pandemic crisis, ISB has adapted our MID application to support access controls specifically geared to reducing the risk of site contamination by potentially infected subjects – and the corresponding spread of the virus to product, surfaces, and your staff.

How It Works
The on-device app simply requires a smart device – phone or tablet. To start the process, we can accept a bulk list of candidates, or an individual enters their name and email address. The workflow can be customized and remotely operated by the individual. Upon passing authentication, you can remotely grant them access (thereby further supporting social distancing and isolation measures for your existing staff).

Step 1
Obtain subject’s consent

Step 2
Record subject’s temperature & health survey responses

Step 3
Validate ID documents

Step 4
Access denied or granted

Step 5
Data made available for audit trail

  • Supports social distancing and reduces social interaction
  • Protects and secures sites and assets from exposure to potential contamination
  • Provides a digital log and audit trail of all pre-screen activities
  • MID empowers you to maintain and grow your workforce safely
  • Combats fraud that is a risk during this unprecedented time

Contact today if you are working to protect your site and employees from exposure and need to record possible threats.