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The New World of Remote Recruitment for Essential Services

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Essential Services Must Adapt Quickly with the Pandemic

The global pandemic has challenged many essential services to adapt to an evolving minute by minute epidemic.

Although many companies are laying off employees, those that have been identified as an ‘essential service’ could be potentially looking to hire. Healthcare, logistics, cargo, grocery, and the supply chain are now in a position to navigate the hiring process differently than what they have experienced in the past.

During these challenging times, how can an essential service hire while maintaining physical and social distance? Working from home will become the new norm, and things like conference calls and remote hiring practices will be even more common. HR professionals are likely working from home and will need to limit their physical interactions with candidates in order to maintain their health.

How can a company protect its hiring process and ensure the quality of its workforce, even if the entire hiring process is conducted online?

The New Normal for Essential Services

The truth of the matter is that many companies have already hired workers remotely for years. But for the company that is suddenly 100 percent remote because of COVID-19, the task is likely daunting. Heading into the unknown comes with both pros and cons that can be navigated by any company.

Remote hiring can expand your talent pool, attract candidates outside your immediate area, and pose as a potentially attractive option for people looking to leave the office life behind. Geographic limits no longer pose logistical challenges, and your company can search out the absolute best talent anywhere in the world. However, remote hiring opens up your company to identity fraud, as dishonest candidates might aim to manipulate the hiring process and fabricate essential documents.

Interview Table Essential Services Forced to Adapt to New Hiring Practices

The entire hiring process is likely to change for many companies during this global pandemic. With these challenging times, many companies looking to hire have no choice but to rely on technology to conduct interviews, collect important documents digitally, and assess whether or not a candidate is the right fit.

Remote workers can falsify government-issued identification or completely assume another person’s identity. Verifying the identity of a potential candidate is even more critical when it comes to hiring remotely. HR professionals are unable to assess original documents provided by a candidate in-person and are left to assume what is supplied during the hiring process is genuine.

Government-issued identification, degrees, and certifications can be fabricated and submitted to HR professionals digitally. Further, remote candidates might be more inclined to falsify references, lie about professional experience, and claim other qualifications over a video interview.

The Need for Essential Services to Maintain Hiring Standards

HR professionals should push to have the same recruitment standards in this new world of remote hiring. Hiring the wrong employee could prove both time-consuming and costly if a serious mistake is made. There are alternatives available to circumvent these issues and ensure the quality of your workforce in a remote world.

The true key to success for an essential business is harnessing the ability to recruit and validate a candidate’s identity from any remote setting. Being successful at this is paramount to protecting the hiring process.

Man working at a laptop Hiring Solutions for Essential Businesses Provided by ISB Global Services

ISB Global Services offers an ID Validation Program that empowers recruiters to remotely validate identities, identification documents, and qualifications before investing valuable time into the screening process.

ISB’s ID validation solutions authenticate a candidate’s identity by comparing their government-issued ID to the photo taken from their mobile device. Once their identity is confirmed, the candidate will be able to enter their information for a more in-depth background check, all while being in a remote setting.

Once the background check is complete, the recruiter can decide to hire the candidate with the confidence knowing he or she is whom they say they are. ISB’s background checks delve even further into the credentials of a candidate and include criminal records and educational credentials.

Learn more about how you can hire remotely with the absolute highest levels of confidence. Ensure both the identity and qualifications of all remote workers during this global pandemic.
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