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Seven Red Flags That a Background Check for Employment Can Uncover

Red Flags Background Checks for Employment: Red Flags That Should Arouse Concern

Background checks for employment are essential for any business’ hiring practices, especially during these turbulent times. As industries scramble to hire quality candidates, some HR professionals might be surprised as to what they find on a background check. Even the candidates that dazzle in-person and on paper could be hiding problematic driving records or, much worse, a history of criminal violence.

The results of a comprehensive background check can reveal details about a candidate that are sometimes 20 or 30 years old. While some results may not be relevant to the role, there are other details that should be closely looked at. Each candidate is unique, and some information on a background check can be overlooked, while others should be taken much more seriously.

Proper due diligence requires careful research into a candidate’s history to ensure they are suitable for the job and that they will not pose undue risk or harm to their fellow coworkers or those they interact with. Spotting a red flag is critically important to ensure your workforce is free from criminal histories and other problems that may harm their ability to complete their work properly.

job interview Background Checks for Employment: Top Seven Red Flags for HR

The following are red flags that a comprehensive background check can reveal:

  1. Refusal to Conduct a Background Check: Should a candidate refuse to provide a background check as a condition of hiring, there is likely some sort of history that the candidate is attempting to hide from the employer. This is a major red flag, even if the candidate has provided a reason for not wanting to conduct a background check.
  2. An Incredibly Poor Credit Score: There might be a good reason for a candidate having a poor credit score, but if the position calls for handling the company’s finances, they are likely not the right fit for the role.
  3. A Criminal History Rooted in Violence: Hiring candidates that have served time for a violent crime puts your staff and your customers at risk, creating a difficult duty of care issue as an employer. Background checks can help you avoid these types of candidates by spotting criminal records that do not align with your company’s mission and values.
  4. Criminal Records with a History of Sexual Misconduct: Hiring candidates with sexual assault convictions can also put those you serve at risk, especially in the ride-share and delivery industry. Further, a candidate with a criminal history like this can re-offend in the workplace, harming the trust you have built with your clients and the general public.
  5. Drinking and Driving Charges: Should a prospective employee be required to drive as part of their job, a DUI conviction would pose as a red flag. Driving records such as speeding tickets could also be a cause for concern.
  6. A Background Check Provider Can’t Produce Results: If a third-party background check company is unable to complete a background check, it may be because a candidate has made efforts to disguise their real name to prevent potential employers from finding specific information.
  7. A Candidate Refuses to Verify Their Identity: Many background check companies will offer an added layer of due diligence in the form of an identity verification service. Third parties can leverage facial recognition technology utilizing a piece of government-issued identification and a simple photo of the candidate to ensure that the new hire is whom they say they are. Should a candidate refuse to partake in this type of verification, they may be hiding something from their past that could prevent them from landing the job.

office building Background Checks for Employment Conducted by ISB Global Services

Never skip out on proper due diligence when screening workforces. A background check can reveal crucial information that can help businesses make the most informed hiring decisions possible.

ISB Global Services offers a wide range of background check solutions tailored to the needs of HR professionals in any industry. Explore our suite of products and ensure the quality of your workforce by conducting background checks on new and existing employees. Complete your due diligence and ensure that your employees are free from problematic histories that can hurt your company’s productivity and create toxic workplaces.

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