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Securing Air Cargo with Background Checks for Employment

Air Cargo Background Checks for Employment Offer Peace of Mind to Employers

Background checks for employment are an integral part of promoting supply chain security for the industries that leverage air cargo transportation. Many businesses rely on a large fleet of professionals to successfully deliver goods to consumers and businesses. As supply chain delays continue to stall air shipments and cargo containers, goods left standing pose a unique security risk. Stalled cargo at ports or storage facilities is highly vulnerable to theft and could prompt not only reputational losses but financial losses as well.

Should one employee attempt to smuggle illegal goods or act inappropriately, the business owner may face complex legal liabilities that can harm the bottom line.

Industries that require supply chain security across multiple forms of transportation must first turn to their own workforce to ensure the secure flow of goods throughout the supply chain. From security guards, warehouse workers, drivers, and more, background checks can help build a workforce that is dedicated to your business’ values while developing a work culture focused on trust and honesty.

Background Checks for Employment: The Root of Cargo Crime

Long-term supply chain security begins with the logistics professionals you employ, the vendors you collaborate with, and those you put behind the wheel or cockpit. A comprehensive background check can help screen out candidates with criminal histories, maintain ongoing regulatory compliance, and ultimately mitigate losses to your business. Screening and vetting your existing workforce and new hires can ensure that your supply chain remains free from complications in 2022 and beyond.

Cargo theft has been historically underreported, but it’s estimated that this type of crime costs businesses in North America well over $30 billion each year. Ongoing global supply chain delays mean that these losses are set to pile up as criminal efforts become increasingly elaborate and targeted.

People on Street Background Checks for Employment: Key Industries Impacted

With consumer and business demands continuing to evolve, those unable to secure their supply chain risk harming their business’ reputation when products become lost or stolen. Stalled air cargo shipments of goods, including consumer electronics, perishable food, tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, and pharmaceuticals, are a priority target for criminals. While cargo theft was once tied to crimes of opportunity, criminals have become more articulate in their efforts, creating elaborate plots to hijack cargo when left for too long.

Background checks can be effective in screening out candidates who are attempting to gain employment in your business for the sake of partaking in cargo theft. Oftentimes, criminals will attempt to gain access to your business by applying for work in entry-level logistics positions and then pass sensitive information onto fellow criminals. Ongoing and regular background checks of workforces can deter criminal efforts, spot those who pose risks, and help businesses make informed decisions regarding their workforce.

Background Checks for Employment: Compliance for Air Cargo Professionals

Ensuring ongoing compliance of logistics professionals continues to be a challenge for businesses utilizing air cargo transportation. Regulatory compliance is often tied to the individual state or province of where the company is located, while professionals who work at airports require additional security clearances.

In the United States, air cargo security and screening requirements are constantly evolving. The United States has imposed increased regulations for cargo flowing through airports this past summer, and many businesses will need to adapt quickly to any regulatory changes.

Many background check companies can assist with required compliance, helping to ensure that all logistics professionals who work for your company are in adherence. Further, many background check companies can offer services that will notify employers in the event an employee is convicted of a crime, including theft, DUI, or other misconduct.

Interview Background Checks for Employment and More Offered by ISB Global Services

Cargo theft is far more complex than it once was, as many issues related to cargo theft are tied to crimes of opportunity. Business owners must take the next step to ensure the security of their supply chains and manage losses that continue to pile up due to global supply chain congestion.

PULSE Preventative Cargo Security Solutions powered by ISB Global Services can offer a comprehensive suite of cargo loss prevention and supply chain security services designed to reduce risk exposure and mitigate cargo crime losses. ISB’s suite of products includes criminal background checks for supply chain professionals, security services, GPS monitoring, supply chain audits, and much more.

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