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Screening Workers, Including Electricians and Plumbers

Plumber Screening Workers for Big Box Retailers Who Subcontract Labor

Screening workers, such as the skilled tradespeople hired by big-box retailers, can never be overlooked. Electricians, plumbers, and other home installation professionals that retailers often subcontract fall into a unique grey area that can put your business in a complex liability situation. While many customers are unaware that retailers use subcontracted labor, when something goes wrong, the retailers that will feel the brunt of the consequences.

The professionals tasked with entering your customers’ homes are trusted to represent your brand and conduct skilled work. While they aren’t full-time employees of your company, subcontracting out work to tradespeople can put others at risk if your business doesn’t perform proper due diligence. A background check for employment can ensure that the companies you subcontract work out to are capable of quality work and are free from problematic criminal histories and other complications.

Screening Workers and Hiring Subcontracted Professionals with Criminal Histories

There is no doubt that subcontracting work has its benefits. Funneling work opportunities to a local electrician or plumber can be an incredible revenue stream, but could be disastrous if it isn’t done right. In the same way that hiring a full-time staff member with a criminal history could risk the safety of your staff, the same applies when sending professionals into the homes of your customers.

Subcontractors with violent criminal records are a liability nightmare for big-box retailers. The risk for reoffence is high when entering a client’s home and should be avoided entirely by retailers. Subcontracted tradespeople should be subject to the same background checks as your full-time staff. Should a subcontractor misbehave and hurt someone while on the job representing your brand, your company could face complex litigation and financial penalties.

One common piece of information that a background check reveals is a drinking and driving charge or a poor driving record. When this occurs, it's up to the retailer to decide if they are suitable to represent your brand. If a subcontractor is required to drive to the job site, then different arrangements might need to be made in order to deliver their services.

Interview Screening Workers and Hiring Subcontractors Without Proper Regulatory Compliance

Should your company hire a subcontractor who isn’t in compliance with all industry regulations, the result can be extremely costly to the business. An electrician that performs shotty work on a client’s home can be more expensive than simply sending someone to fix the job. Poor workmanship can cause damage to a client’s home, cause electrical fires, and put the livelihood of others at risk. These professionals represent your brand on the job site, and the liability will fall on your business should the unthinkable happen.

Proper due diligence on behalf of big-box retailers requires deep background checks that include professional license verification and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. Professional trade licenses can expire, and regulatory compliance is an ongoing commitment that will protect your brand and ensure your business subcontracts out the best labor possible.

Screening Workers and Hiring Subcontractors: Finances and Credit Checks

Proper screening should also include a subcontractor’s business, with a close look at their insurance and financials. Subcontractors should maintain their own liability insurance that covers their risk for injury and other accidents. In the event a subcontractor causes significant damage to a client’s home but does not have their own insurance, the retailers could be on the hook for some massive bills.

Many background check companies can also conduct credit record checks on subcontractors before work is completed. If a retailer spots a subcontracted business with a poor credit score, it should raise questions about the company’s quality of service. Credit checks can reveal important information about a tradesperson and help avoid issues before they happen.

Building Screening Workers and Subcontractors Alongside ISB Global Services

Ensuring your subcontractors complete skilled work is an ongoing commitment among your HR professionals and background check company. ISB maintains large databases of information and has unique access to criminal histories, helping big-box retailers make informed hiring decisions of all kinds.

ISB Global Services performs comprehensive screening services that allow any retailer to ensure ongoing compliance of their vendors or subcontractors quickly and efficiently. From skilled trades, home installation services, telecommunications, and insurance specialists, ISB’s services offerings are tailored to your corporation’s needs, adapting to the complex regulatory requirements that change and evolve.

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