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Remote Work and Background Checks: Due Diligence for Hiring Managers

Remote Work Background Checks and Remote Hiring Simplified: Tips for Hiring Remote Professionals

Recruiting a remote workforce comes with new complications for hiring managers. Whatever industry you may be in, remote work appears to be here for the foreseeable future, and HR professionals are now presented with a new set of challenges. Background checks play an important part in remote recruitment and can ensure the quality of your workforce, wherever they might be located.

Use this simple guide along with comprehensive background checks to screen candidates, save time and money, and hire the best talent available to you anywhere in the world.

A How-to Guide for Recruitment, Screening, and Background Checks

With continuous labour shortages and other complications attributed to the ongoing pandemic, HR managers are tasked with selling remote work positions. Begin with the job description and explain how this work opportunity stands out from others. Working from home is a great perk, but it might not be enough to attract top talent in a buyer’s market. Explain how your company is planning to create a corporate culture in a remote environment, the flexibility you can offer, and the efforts being made to make remote work as enjoyable as possible.

Onboarding is essential for retaining new hires, and HR managers will need to create a remote onboarding process that makes new hires feel welcome. The sense of excitement that comes with walking into a new job doesn’t exist in remote work settings, and HR is tasked with creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, even if it is on a video call. Remote work isn’t as simple as inviting the new hire to the next team video call. Sell that your company has a roadmap for success and strive to make new hires comfortable in a new and potentially intimidating environment.

Interview Spotting Characteristics That Can’t Be Uncovered with Background Checks

Hiring managers might be surprised by how many applicants respond to a remote work opportunity. Many business owners may be worried that remote work results in reduced productivity, but it is quite the opposite with the right due diligence.

Remote work isn’t suited for everyone but requires open communication, discipline, and a skill-set that reflects a candidate’s ability to take ownership, problem-solve, and remain focused and productive while working at home. Begin by spotting characteristics that thrive in remote roles, including “self-starter” type personalities who can work without direction.

Ask questions about past work experience that reflects initiative and ownership. Candidates that have been able to freelance, create new projects, or are simply passionate about unique hobbies outside of work could benefit from these types of remote roles.

Background Checks and the Power of Communication in Remote Work Environments

Strong communication skills are a must in remote work environments, especially written communication. Many instant messaging applications have helped promote remote collaboration, even if they are in different time zones. Consider asking interview questions about how they might communicate when faced with a challenge to reveal whether they can blend in with an existing remote team.

resume Background Checks and Identity Verification in Remote Work Settings

Implementing a simple screening process and requesting the completion of a criminal background check as a condition for hiring will help to weed out candidates with problematic criminal histories. Background check companies that offer these services can provide information on delinquent pasts, verify education credentials, and help you ensure the quality of candidates without ever physically meeting them.

When hiring candidates from outside the company’s physical location, Identity verification of a candidate’s government-issued documents can ensure that the candidate that was interviewed is the candidate that shows up to work on the first day.

Background Checks and Due Diligence Provided by ISB Global Services

HR managers hiring remote workforces are encouraged to complete their due diligence and screen candidates alongside the assistance of ISB Global Services. Complete comprehensive background checks on candidates and conduct identity verification to ensure the quality of your remote workforce.

Help your business find candidate’s who will thrive in remote work environments. Contact us directly to learn more about our suite of products tailored to the needs of HR professionals.
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