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Red Flags in Hiring Healthcare Workers: What Role Background Checks Play

Nurse with Stethoscope Hiring Healthcare Workers and the Required Dedication to Proper Screening

Nursing shortages across North America have created a dire need for hospitals and healthcare facilities to recruit and screen new talent quickly. Hiring healthcare workers is anything but simple; it requires proper vetting and background checks that protect patients and ensure ongoing productivity. Hiring without the right due diligence can ultimately harm a healthcare facility’s reputation and put others at risk.

As many healthcare facilities across North America experience labor shortages, skipping proper screening practices can lead to endless complications. Placing a new hire in a working condition that they aren’t qualified for can put others at risk and lead to issues of malpractice.

What Are the Current Hiring Trends in Healthcare?

Many healthcare facilities are facing extreme labor and nursing shortages that are putting pressure on HR professionals to recruit and hire candidates as quickly as possible. These time constraints may lead some healthcare facilities to skip proper screening to lock down a great candidate without delay. But even the most shining candidates or current employees can be hiding a criminal record or history of malpractice that was once overlooked.

Doctors and Nurses Hiring Healthcare Professionals Six Red Flags to Consider

HR professionals working alongside healthcare facilities should consider these red flags when hiring doctors, nurses, aids, and other professionals within the healthcare sector. Spotting these red flags can help avoid candidates with criminal histories and save time during the hiring process.

  • Out-of-State Work Experience could mean that a candidate has moved to avoid the results of a criminal background check or is no longer eligible to work in that state. This could have been a result of a professional suspension related to malpractice or other misbehavior in the workplace. HR professionals will need to dig deeper to understand exactly “why” a candidate is suddenly seeking work at your healthcare facility and not within the state they originally hailed from.
  • Involuntary Departures from Previous Roles may indicate that a candidate has been fired or dismissed in the past and should prompt more questions about such departures. Consider testing a candidate’s honesty by asking for a reference specifically from an employer they left involuntarily.
  • Large Gaps in Work Experience might indicate that a candidate has been subject to a significant suspension or has faced jail time in the past. Changes in parental responsibilities can explain some gaps in employment, but HR professionals will need to get to the bottom of any unexplained gaps.
  • A Legal Name Change should grab the attention of an HR professional and could lead to complex identity concerns. Some candidates may pose as someone else to gain employment or are attempting to avoid the information that arises from a criminal record check. Should HR come across a candidate with an unexplained name change, it should prompt an identity verification alongside a background check for employment.
  • Speaking Poorly About Former Employers likely reveals that a candidate has an attitude issue and may not be able to work cohesively in a team environment. In a healthcare facility, regardless of a candidate’s professional experience, these new hires will need to lean on other professionals in order to offer quality care. Hiring a candidate who can’t work as a team could create toxic culture problems and ultimately lead to distractions in the workplace that are simply not needed.
  • Refusal to Conduct a Criminal Background Check is almost a sure sign that a candidate is attempting to conceal a criminal history. Any hesitancy on behalf of a candidate to complete a background check for employment should be taken as a serious concern.

stethoscope Hiring Healthcare Workers and the Importance of Background Checks for Employment

A background check for employment is critical for any hiring process, especially in the healthcare industry. One wrong hire can put entire workforces at risk, harm patients, and leave your establishment liable for malpractice. Take steps to ensure that your staff consists of only capable talent that is focused on offering quality care to your patients. Every staff member should be subject to proper screening with criminal background checks, identity verification, and regulatory compliance solutions that are completed quickly and efficiently.

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