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Healthcare Recruitment Expedition: Tips for HR Professionals

Nurse with Mask Healthcare Recruitment Processes for Fast Hiring

Healthcare recruitment is in a state where every second matters. Exhausted workforces, ongoing labor shortages, and a backlog of patients mean that every sector of healthcare is in need of both low-wage and skilled workers. In North America, the hiring process can be complicated and time-consuming, leaving many hiring managers to cut corners on proper due diligence when attempting to lock down a great candidate.

Even the best candidates require consistent recruitment practices and deep screening tools that can paint a full picture. Hiring the wrong candidate in the midst of a labor shortage can harm your facility’s reputation and put others at risk. Here’s how you can hire quality candidates quickly and effectively.

interview Healthcare Recruitment: Five Tips for Expediting the Hiring Process

Here’s how hiring managers in healthcare can expedite their hiring practices while maintaining proper due diligence.

1. Strict Resume Vetting

Certain job openings might solicit too many applications for an available role, leaving an HR manager spending hours reviewing resumes. Some applicants simply aren’t qualified, and time spent leafing through unqualified resumes could be better spent elsewhere. When posting a job online, have candidates answer simple questions regarding their education and experience and focus only on those that give you desired results.

Even a simple question that requests candidates to write something specific about the job in their cover letter can reveal which candidates are serious about the position. Many job boards have basic assessments that can spot candidates that simply don’t have the right skill sets to meet your requirements.

2. Revise the Interview Process

Phone interviews are one of the most time-consuming elements of recruitment, while a bad in-person interview can waste the time of multiple professionals.

Consider changing your approach to the initial interview phase and ask candidates to write responses to typical interview questions and submit them to the hiring manager. Alternatively, request that candidates prepare a video that includes answers to provided questions. This way, hiring managers can quickly skim through answers and move on to other prospects without rudely cutting off a candidate during a phone interview.

Two Nurses 3. Look Within Your Existing Staff

Turn to your existing workforce and put them to work to help your facility’s recruitment efforts. Not only are internal candidates a great option for more professional opportunities, but they are also familiar with your existing employees and require less training and onboarding. Offering new opportunities to your staff can help employees grow their skill sets and act as brand ambassadors outside the workplace.

Consider incentivizing your employees to have qualified friends and family apply to open positions. This will cut down on some of the leg work that hiring managers are facing and help tap into talent that isn’t available on job boards.

4. Create a Hiring Pool

While a candidate may not be a right fit for a particular role, it doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for your healthcare facility. Candidates that show great qualities like honesty, drive, and determination but didn’t land the job they applied for should be kept in the loop about new positions.

Creating a talent pool of high-quality candidates with a wide range of skill sets can be one of the best ways to save time and money during the initial recruitment stage. When a new position is available, follow up with candidates that have already been a part of the hiring process.

5. Negotiate with Candidates

In the healthcare sector, fresh talent is required today, not two weeks from now. Be honest with candidates during the process and request immediate start dates for those you are interested in hiring. Once a proper background check and screening are completed, an offer should be ready in their inbox the next day. Any delay can have candidates considering other offers or losing interest in the role.

With the right tools, hiring managers should be able to tap into databases that reveal important information regarding a candidate’s professional and criminal histories in just a few short days.

stethoscope Healthcare Recruitment and Screening Offered by ISB Global Services

Hiring healthcare workers with high levels of personal and professional integrity requires an ongoing commitment to pre-employment and routine screening. Proper hiring practices include drug testing, criminal background checks, identity verification, and credit records. Implementing these procedures into your hiring processes can ensure the quality of your workforce and save you time.

ISB Global Services remains committed to working alongside healthcare facilities and streamlining their hiring practices with criminal record checks that can be conducted on candidates across North America. Gain a complete picture of your workforce and make the most informed hiring decisions possible. ISB offers tailor-made tools to HR professionals specifically working in healthcare, offering compliant screening tools that simplify the hiring process. With robust customer service and incredible reach into criminal and professional databases, HR professionals can complete their due diligence even under strict time constraints.

Contact us directly to learn more about available solutions for hiring managers and HR professionals working for long-term care homes, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities of all kinds.
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