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Employment Background Checks for Personal Support Workers

Personal Care Worker Employment Background Checks That Help Screen PSWs

Background checks for employment are essential to hiring personal support workers in 2022. Currently, many eldercare and senior homes are facing incredible labor shortages that threaten their quality of care. The same applies to those who require homecare, as traveling personal support workers are continually short-staffed and burnt out.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge healthcare hiring across North America, prompting many government entities and private organizations to hire new talent quickly to support existing workforces. Address the challenges with hiring healthcare workers across long-term care homes, hospitals, and hospice spaces with comprehensive screening solutions that never slow hiring practices.

Background Checks for Employment: Trending Questions Answered Regarding PSWs

These are the top questions for private and public entities that employ personal support workers.

Nurses Why Is There a Labor Shortage for Personal Support Workers?

Due to the nature of the pandemic, many personal support workers have been required to work long hours with very little time off. Many professionals have retired early or moved on from the profession entirely. Personal support workers perform important work in North America and are trusted professionals.

How to Fix Staffing Shortages in Healthcare?

Unfortunately, there is no immediate fix for the staffing shortages in healthcare. Even when employers have increased their offerings, many professionals in the industry continue to move on to other sectors.

Those who employ personal support workers will need to revise their hiring practices, seek new talent, and provide incentives to attract workers to the profession. This could include on-the-job training, cash bonuses for long-term employment, and ongoing training and career development.

stethoscope How Can HR Overcome Workforce Shortages in Healthcare?

Human resource professionals looking to hire candidates in the healthcare sector, including nurses, personal support workers, and support staff, will need to screen and hire prospective candidates as quickly as possible. Labor shortages across multiple industries mean that it is a buyer’s market for those looking for work, as some candidates may be exploring various options during their job search.

Online recruitment campaigns, job fairs, and college campus visits can help connect with young workers, helping to create a talent pool of prospective staff.

How Will Healthcare Staffing Shortages Affect Cost and Quality of Care?

The effects of ongoing healthcare staffing shortages across North America have already been felt. Some facilities will need to charge their patients more, resulting in many turning to family and friends to meet their needs.

One CBC article has already documented the challenges facing patients and the burnout experienced by healthcare and personal support workers. Labor shortages within this sector are expected to continue before they improve.

Nurse with a heart Background Checks Employment: Hiring Healthcare Workers with ISB Global Services

ISB Global Services continues to partner directly with private and public sector organizations across North America that are facing personal support worker shortages. We provide hiring tools that can expedite your hiring practices, providing a suite of hiring tools that can help screen potential candidates efficiently.

When your organization is faced with a constant state of hiring, ISB’s suite of HR tools can gather information on potential candidates, conduct criminal background checks, facilitate drug screening, and ensure compliance. Ongoing commitment to screening new and existing staff can ensure your workforce is focused on providing quality care, reducing staff turnover, and helping your organization navigate staffing shortages.

Contact ISB Global Services directly to learn more about available screening tools that can be tailored to your healthcare facility's needs.
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