Cargo and Asset Tracking

Advanced user setting notifications to keep you informed about your cargo assets.

ISB Global Services (ISB) offers an advanced GPS-based asset tracking platform with an intuitive user interface that allows shipping companies to monitor their deployed cargo shipments and quickly set geo-fence boundaries for notification alerts. These alerts are monitored 24/7/365 and validated by our Crisis Response Centre.

24/7/365 Crisis Response Centre to Enhance the Customer Service Experience

Our 24/7/365 Crisis Response Centre can monitor all driver safety, cargo truck and trailer GPS tracking devices that are deployed by our customers. In the event of a cargo trailer theft alert or emergency notification alert from a cargo truck driver, the Crisis Response Centre will immediately initiate an escalated tiered level response. This involves contacting the emergency cargo fleet management, the local police and if necessary, they will dispatch our Incident Response Team (I.R.T.) to liaise with police and assist in recovery efforts.

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